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Waterproof, windproof, and breathable. Enough said.

Some people have a “to-do” list, while others have “books-to-read” lists. Well, I have added a new jacket to my continually growing list of winter shells: Patagonia Powder Bowl Jacket.

For me, there’s nothing more exciting than waking up in the morning and taking a look outside the window to find a blanket of fresh snow, blue skies, and the endless possibilities of first tracks.

However, there is nothing more frustrating than being out on a powder day and ill equipped. An essential to a winter apparel quiver is the right shell and strategic base layering. The Patagonia Insulated Powder Bowl Jacket, integrates the base layering portion by insulating the 2.5-layer waterproof/breathable shell with Thermogreen: a 90% recycled insulation.

The lining provides more freedom, keeping the layers together within a lining preventing shifting and build up in crucial areas ( i.e the armpit, neck, arms, etc. )

Built into the jacket are webbing loops that connect Patagonia ski/snowboard pants, a neck gasket, and helmet compatible hood. It also boasts a variety of pockets: one padded chest pocket for a cellphone/mp3 player, a pass holder, two hand warmers, and three internal pockets.

Tip: Try the jacket on before purchasing it. Size does matter and every jacket fits differently.

Cost: $425.00 | Where to buy: Patagonia

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